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Posted on December 4, 2013 at 6:45 PM

July 2013

Ghillie having his teeth done by local vet, Emma Mainprize

There's a distinct lack of July pony photos.

Fionn & Geordie

August 2013

Cloudy (Harry's hiding behind the downed tree)

And then something interesting arrived very early one morning...

A very long way from her home on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland,

Ballinton Summer Ceilidh arrived on a cold and damp morning. Ceilidh is a partbred

by the imported stallion, Fyfedene out of a TB x Clumper mare, Lucinda.

She's the sweetest girl, and huuuge (height-wise) !

A couple of days later she's out of quarantine and meeting the troops.

Ceilidh was a little tucked up and sore in her rear end after more than four

days on and off the transports. She had a series of EMM Therapy

(Equine Muscle Mnagement) sessions, with great improvement.

She'd also been suffering from Queensland Itch. Poor girl had rubbed out her

mane and tail. With some help and guidance from Anita at Herbal Horse,

the change in climate helped to, we had no more rubbing and her skin was

feeling better and starting to heal as well.

September 2013

Getting friendly with the other big'un - Ceilidh & Cam

Ceilidh & Keziah

Tali was weaned, and started doing some online work.

My favourite cow, Spotty, passed away and left this young man to become

part of our herd. We called him Otis.

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