Last ones

Posted on December 4, 2013 at 9:45 PM

October 2013

Ceilidh looking relaxed, putting on weight and looking like a gorgeous big Highland.

Mc Leod

Then there's a huge block of no photos. There was a sick pony and a terrible spring calving season and weeks of days i was just glad to see the end of, and had no wish to document anything.

The last folder of photos was from my Dad's 70th birthday party on November 2 (and most of those were taken by my daughter!)

It was a great night and all of the family was there. He was a very happy camper ;)

Delicious cake from Patty's Patisserie in Olive St Albury. Highly recommend!

Dad and the plethora of Grandchildren - only two missing, at the party just not in the photo. I think there's 17 in total.

Three muskateers. My ever gorgeous sister, Amanda. Dad and i need to learn not to speak during photos.

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