Things are still moving along

Posted on May 17, 2014 at 1:45 AM

Well, i've been terrible with the website this year, but i seem to have my hands full with ponies. Teaching youngsters and playing with the older ones. Ghillie is now under saddle, but not on the market until he's got a few more hours under his belt (and i'd like to get hime out to a couple of the local ag shows in the spring time before finding him a forever home) Crofter's learning the ropes, with a look at being under in the Spring. Keziah is also in to go under saddle before being covered in the spring time. We're hoping to send her to Croftcnoc Highland Ponies in Victoria, to go to the lovely Croftcnoc Carlyle

No foals in 2014 for us, but we will be covering a few mares for 2015 foals.

I'll get the camera out and blow the dust off and get some photos of the ponies to post before the woolies have totally settled in for the winter.

Our big girl, Ceilidh is doing great and really starting to look the part now with mane and tail flowing like a proper Highland mane and tail should. (it had been raining in this shot, hence the runoff)

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