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Highland Ponies Australia (formerly Highland Pony Society of Australia)

Highland Ponies Australia on Facebook

Australian Pony Stud Book Society Inc.

Highland Pony Society (Scotland)

Highland Pony Talk (U.K. based online forum)

Highland Pony Enthusiasts Club (UK based forum)

Australian Horse Industry Council

Horse industry information including up to date information on the Equine Influenza outbreak 

and the actions currently being taken in all States and Territories.

Rosemarkie Highland Pony Stud (N.E. NSW)

Croft Cnoc Highland Ponies (Gippsland, Victoria)

Tarabrae Highland Ponies (NSW)

Stannum Stock Horses and Stock Ponies

Breeders of quality Australian Stockhorses, and Stock Ponies - a versatile cross of ASH and Highland Pony

Herbal Horse

Herbal horse.... pure plant health care for every horse from herbalist Anita Brojatsch.

Developer and supplier of the wonderful supplement 'Vitalis' used by all Dungarron ponies.

Country Park Herbs

For exceptional quality bulk herbs and herbal blends by the Kg. Fast and friendly service.

Highland Pony Enthusiasts Club of America

Practical Horse Genetics