Welcome Dungarron Tain

Posted on May 24, 2017 at 4:15 AM

Well, it's been a while, but as a follow up to the last news installment., River was successfully served and fell in foal. She spent the winter keeping Adie company and in the early hours of March 31, she presented us with a gorgeos colt foal, who we have named Dungarron Tain. Tain has been healthy, happy and friendly from day one, with River being a fantasic, calm natured Mum.

Despite the dry summer and late start to autumn, Tain has been growing like a weed. He's always first at the gate at feeding time, and has discovered the delights of sleeping in th fallen hay from the big round in the paddock.

Tain will be for sale at weaning (around September / October) He'll be registered APSB partbred, vaccinated, gelded, branded and handled. He should mature to at least 14.2hh.

He's already been colour tested (via Practical Horse Genetics, Sydney) Results - Ee  Aa Ovr n SB1 n. So, in laymans terms, bay carying one copy of Overo and one copy of Sabino. Unfortunately he missed out on Adie's dun gene.

Tain will be for sale at $2500

There will be an album of Tain's photos showing his progress as he grows up. Look for it on the Photo Gallery page.

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