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Dungarron is a small stud based in Holbrook, southern N.S.W, Australia.
The stud is part of our mixed farming enterprise which includes Hereford beef cattle, cereal cropping, fodder production and our lovely ponies.

Our Ponies

Dungarron Highland Ponies began in 2001 after the purchase of our first part bred Highland, Croft Cnoc Campari, and from then on the ponies have become an integral part of our lives.

As i got to know Cam, a small spark began to ignite, and something I'd only dreamt of doing started to to make itself seem like a real possibility.

A trip to Melbourne, and a visit back to the stud where I'd purchased Cam brought a young, just weaned, yellow dun colt to my attention. Purchasing a pony was the furthest thing from my mind when i planned the visit to Croft Cnoc, but before i knew it I'd bought stallion prospect, Croft Cnoc Mac Adie. Things had started to roll. Adie was by the newly imported stallion, Maverickdene who had spent his quarantine on the east coast of Australia before heading to his new home in the west. He was out of the beautiful, yellow dun mare Croft Cnoc Butterscotch. How could i say no?

Things had started a little upside down, but that wasn't gong to stop me now.
I started the search for the elusive Highland Pony mare. Much sought after, but rare as hens teeth, i was amazed when my dream mare came up for sale in Tasmania. Croft Cnoc Cedar, rising four, dark brown/ black. Several phone calls and one very grainy photo ... and she was on her way over Bass Straight. She was lovely. There was going to be several years wait until Adie was old enough to use, but i had started on my way to becoming the mistress of a Highland Pony stud.

Not too long after, Cedar was joined by another mare from Tasmania. Belonging to a friend in northern Tassie, Gypsy, a seal point buckskin ASH x QH was to become our second mare. Heather had bought a part bred Highland too, Harkaway Lodge Cosmos, and Gypsy had been her daughter's horse. This whole story is really a huge thank you to Heather who had pointed me towards Cam after I'd lost my old QH gelding and had vowed never to have horses again. Hugs always, Heather. Thank you!

Oh my! I now had four horses, five if you counted my daughter's Welsh pony, Dez...

Stuart Clarke's Benacre Stud in western NSW was coming to an end, and on the day before my birthday in 2004, in 40 degree heat, the kids and i drove 4 and a half hours west to meet the two mares Stuart had left;  Benacre Mill Buie and Benacre Blairgowrie. A green oasis in a sea of red dirt, Stuart introduced us to his two girls who had only just begun to be handled. After much looking at pedigrees, and at the mares themselves, Benacre Mill Buie became our second Highland Pony mare. Within the month she'd made the journey east, we were joined by a really nice, pink highland pony mare. Yes, pink! As we were in the grips of drought (still in the grips of drought) washing her was not an option, we had to wait for rain or her new coat. There was very little rain, but many months later, spring revealed a lightly dappled, grey dun coat. Yay!

So, i was exactly where i wanted to be, a had two lovely young Highland mares, a handsome Highland colt, and a registered stud prefix (thanks to much discussion with Heather, who would have liked to pursue this dream herself at the time).

So began the journey of Dungarron Highland Ponies.

Adie & Cam

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