Rosemarkie Verona

Purebred Highland Pony

Sire: Barrymoor MacGregor

Dam: Rosemarkie Meg

 Dun, 14.1hh

 D.O.B. 14.09.2005

 Bred by Susan Jarman, Qld.

 Registered APSBS 44102

Genetic colour tested: EE Aa Dd

(UCDavis, 2013)

 Progeny: Dungarron Talisman 2012 colt foal by Croftcnoc MacAdie


Dungarron Tamaris

Partbred Highland Pony

Sire: Barrymoor Dorian

Dam: Gypsy (ASH x QH)

Black, 14hh

D.O.B. 03.11.2004

Registered HPS & APSBS 43393

Genetic colour tested: EE aa dd crcr

(PHG Aus. 2017)

Progeny: Dungarron Ardrossan 2019 partbred colt by Tain (dec)

Dungarron Romani

Partbred Highland Pony

Sire: Croftcnoc MacAdie

Dam: Gypsy (ASH x QH)

Buckskin + dun, 14.2hh

D.O.B. 30 September 2006

Registered APSB 44763


Ballinton Summer Ceilidh

Patbred Highland Pony

Sire: Fyfedene (imp)

Dam: Lucinda (TB x clumper)

Grey dun, 15.2hh

D.O.B. 23.11.2007

Bred by Mr. Scott McGregor, N.S.W.

Registered APSBS 45718

Genetic colour tested: Ee AA Dd Gg

(PHG, 2017)

Dungarron Keziah

Purebred Highland Pony

Sire: Croftconc Mac Adie

Dam: Benacre Mill Buie

Brown dun, 14.1hh

D.O.B. 12.11.2009


Registered APSBS 47450

Genetic Colour tested: EE Aa DD

(UCDavis, 2013)

Progeny: Dungarron Caiseal 2019 part bred colt by Tain


Purebred Highland Pony

Sire: Fyfedene (Imp)

Dam: Benacre Aberlady

Yellow dun, 14.2hh

D.O.B 21 September 2011

Bred by Mr. Scott McGregor, N.S.W.

Registered APSBS 51248

Genetic colour tested: EE AA Dd

(PHG, 2017)

Rosemarkie Merrijig

Purebred Highland Pony

Sire: Barrymoor Jagidar

Dam: Rosemarkie Clementine (by Fourmerk Royal Scott (imp)

 Mouse dun, to make 14.2hh

 D.O.B. 19 October 2012

 Bred by Susan Jarman, Qld.

 Registered APSBS 51437

Genetic colour tested:  Ee aa Dd

(PHG, 2017)

Progeny: Dungarron Earrach 2019 partbred filly by Tain


Purebred Highland Pony

Sire: Fyfedene (Imp.)

Dam: Steffiedene (Imp.)

Brown dun going grey, 14 hh

D.O.B. 1 November 2012

Bred by Scott and Mhairi McGregor

Kindly on lease from the Ballinton Dene Stud

Registered APSB 51412

Genetic colour tested: EE Aa Dd Gg

(PHG, 2017)

Progeny: Dungarron McNeill 2019 purebred filly by Croftcnoc MacAdie

Currie Park Staffa

Purebred Highland Pony

Sire: Croftcnoc Lucas

Dam: Currie Park Bonnie

Bay, 14.1 hh

D.O.B 24 August 2013

Bred by M & J Currie, Pinjarra, WA

Registered APSB 52382

Genetic colour tested: EE Aa dd 

(PHG Aus. 2017)

Progeny: Dungarron Mac Gille Mhoire 2018 purebred colt by Rosemarkie Archer

Hustle Me Dreams

Australian Paint Horse

Sire: The Hustler

Dam: Cee Cee Pandoras Dream

Chestnut (overo & sabino), 14hh

D.O.B. 2 October 2001

Registered PHAA 6674

Progeny for Dungaron: Dungarron Tain (2017 colt foal) - By Croftcnoc MacAdie.

Dungarron Roisin (2019 filly foal) - By Croftcnoc MacAdie


Benacre Rose

Purebred Highland Pony

Sire: Barrymoor Jagidar

Dam: Haven Bonny

Grey (Cream Dun), 13.3hh

D.O.B. 09.09.1991

Bred by Mr. Staurt Clarke, N.S.W.

Returned to Harkaway Lodge 

Highland Pony Stud after lease.


Registered APSBS 31670

Progeny for Dungarron: Dungarron Ghillie - By Croftcnoc MacAdie. 2009 colt foal


Croft Cnoc Cedar

Purebred Highland Pony (Deceased)

Sire: Barrymoor Dorian

Dam: Whinmere Rainbow

Black, 14.1hh

D.O.B 19.10.1999

Bred by Mrs. Anna Thirkell, Victoria.

Registered APSBS 37150 & HPS

Progeny: Dungarron McLeod (by Harkaway Lodge McMillan)

              D.O.B. 19.10.2005  Grey, Highland  Pony Colt. 

Cedar was lost in March, 2007 due to an unfortunate accident


Broomfield Kylie

Purebred Highland Pony

(Passed away 8 March 2015)

Sire: Barrymoor Banner   

Dam: Taranganba Dinah

Yellow dun, 14hh

D.O.B. 11 September 1988

Registered APSBS No. 39009

Progeny: Rosemarkie Finbar - by Barrymoor Jagirdar, 2001 Colt

              Rosemarkie Winsome - by Barrymoor Jagirdar , 2002 Filly

              Rosemarkie Connor -  By Barrymoor McGregor, 2004 Colt

              Rosemarkie Rohan - By Barrymoor Jagirdar, 2006 Colt 

              Rosemarkie Fletcher - by Barrymoor Jagirdar, 2008 Colt



Australian Stock Horse x Quarter Horse

( Passed away May 2017)

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

Buckskin, 14hh

D.O.B. 1988

Progeny: Dungarron Tamaris (by Barrymoor Dorian)

               D.O.B. 03.11.2004

               Black mare

               Dungarron Romani (by CroftCnoc Mac Adie)

               D.O.B 30.09.2006

               Buckskin + dun filly


Benacre Mill Buie

Australian Highland Pony FS2

(Passed away 12 August 2019)

Sire: Barrymoor Mercury

Dam: Senlac Siren

Grey Dun, 14hh

D.O.B. 24.09.1998 

Bred by Mr. Stuart Clarke, N.S.W. 

Registered APSBS 41089 & HPS


Dungarron Harris (by Barrymoor Dorian)      

D.O.B 03.10.2005, Brown, AHL gelding 


Dungarron Keziah (by CroftCnoc Mac Adie)

D.O.B 12.11.2009  Yellow dun, Purebred Filly (upgraded)

Dungarron Crofter (By CroftCnoc Mac Adie)

D.O.B 11.02.2011  Grey, AHL Gelding


Currie Park Akira

Purebred Highland Pony

(passed away 8 March 2021)

Sire: Maverickdene

Dam: Harkaway Lodge Jasmine

Dun, 14hh

D.O.B 25 October 2003

Bred by Jim & Myra Currie, Currie Park Highlands, W.A.

Registered APSBS 41787

Genetic colour tested:

Progeny: Tarabrae Wollemi (2009 colt by Fourmerk Royal Scott)

              Tarabrae Melaleuca (2011 colt by Croftcnoc Carlyle)

              Tarabrae Acacia (2013 filly by Fourmerk Royal Scott (Imp))

              Tarabrae Boronia (2015 filly by Fourmerk Royal Scott(Imp))

              Dungarron Journeyman (2021 colt by Gillean of Liosmor (Imp))

(picture courtesy of Sue Jarman, Rosemarkie Highlands)

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